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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas in Los Angeles

It's been a long time since I posted here. I've been writing on my other blog and trying to get books published on Amazon and a lot of other projects. As well as doing my day job which, as anyone in this industry knows, has a way of taking over your life. It's Christmas and though I am not a Christian, It's Alban Arthfan for this old Welshman, still I'm very aware of the special atmosphere of this season. I believe in kindness all year around but this is supposed to be the season of love and goodwill to all. That is why I have to write about some things that are bothering me more than words can say. First I have to mention that I have a lot of good friends who work with me. Good people who are just as horrified by some things that happen. This is by no means the majority of bus driver's, these people are not even a significant minority but their very existence within this industry is a reflection on us all. I wish they were gone, they do not belong among us. On a cold ans rainy night, an elderly woman with a walker, was told she could not board the bus because she had no shoes. A woman with a child in a stroller and loaded down with groceries was told she could not board because she could not take the baby out and fold the stroller. A man was refused transportation on the last bus because he had too many groceries. A grown man stopped the bus and refused to drive any further because two women were calling him names. A woman wanted the police to arrest a homeless man because he didn't have the bus fare. The list could go on and on. It bothers me and upsets me considerably. I have been involved in this industry on two continents for 37 years but the heartlessness I have encountered this Christmas is more than I have ever encountered. It's time to show some love folks. It's time to remember what Christmas is all about. Then, keep that thought for the rest of the year. Everyone has heard of Charles Dicken's book "A Christmas Carol" I suspect more people have seen a movie version than have actually read the book. Still, no one wants to be thought of as Scrooge even when they act the part. This Christmas I want to remind everyone of the ending of the book. Where Tiny Tim says; "God Bless Us! everyone"

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