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Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a Wild Ride

There's been so much happening lately. I started this Blog with the commitment to myself that I would write it at least twice a week. I'm failing miserably. Not because nothing is happening but because there's so much. First there's the job; These days I only do an 8 hour day and that's enough. I used to work 15 or 16 hour days, I remember so many years with my children back in Wales, as well as the two in my present marriage, where I would be leaving the house while they were asleep and not get home until they were in bed. It's a common complaint among bus drivers. We get so used to the overtime that we find we can't live without it. Fortunately I'm in a different situation these days and 8 hours is what I do. At least that's what I do to keep the lights from being turned off.
Then there's everything else. All my life I've wanted to write and the online gigs give me the opportunity to do that. So I write these articles for Hub Pages I like to write about Welsh Mythology, and my sideways view of life. I've got a few other sites that I write to as well but that's the main one.
I don't spend my all my time in front of the computer even though sometimes I wish I could. There are so many other things happening and all at the same time. I mentioned in a previous post that I had been in the Mountains at a Druid camp. That's me in the forest. By the way, did you know that if a man is in the forest, alone, where no woman can hear him, he's still wrong. That was a great time and I might even put up some more photos, especially of the Labyrinth we built. Trouble is that at the same time I was off to camp, I had an invitation to a songfest, o folk-singing evening organized by a good friend and another party hosted by the Guild of Saint Helena's. That's a place for throwbacks like me, the common folk of medieval Europe, to gather together, sing and make merry. It was held at the house of another good friend, a retired LA PD lieutenant.
Then there was my son's graduation from High School. He has become a very accomplished young man. He played a leading role in high school activities all through his time there and now he has a summer job as a camp counselor at a summer camp in San Diego. Very proud of the young man.
Today I was at Hsi Lai, that's the largest Buddhist Temple in the Western hemisphere. I've been going there for some years now. It's a beautiful place with art treasures that have no price. Truly amazing. They also serve an excellent buffet lunch. All you can eat for a donation and the food is superb.

Tonight the wife and I are off to a Sacred Drum Circle. An Apache friend of mine, who also works for the bus company, holds a circle every Friday. My wife, being Apache herself, has always wanted to go. So tonight I'm off work and I'm taking her.
I want to write about all these things and tell of them individually. But this is a crazy life, it's meant for living and live it I will.

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