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Monday, June 14, 2010

America versus England

Tim Howard is my newest hero.
Let me put the record straight, I'm a Welshman, born and bred. I was 42 years old when I came to America. All the years I've been here I still don't care that much for American sports and I've never been that interested in football, or Soccer as they call it over here. I'm a Rugby man, always have been, always will be but what I saw in the America vs England game made me proud of my American citizenship.
That Saturday I was rooting for America. Like I said, I'm an American Citizen and Wales isn't in the cup. It may be the subject of another article somewhere but the truth is Wales will never be in the World Cup. What I mean by that is, that it doesn't matter how well we play. It doesn't matter how good the Welsh team could be, it wouldn't even matter if Wales won the World Cup. The English Media will refer to Wales as "The British Contribution" They refuse to recognize our historic nation in whatever capacity we approach the World stage. I'll continue that rant another time, for now I want to bask in the glory of being on a side that held England to a draw.
Yes, it's true that the American goal was a fluke, the ball should never have got in the net. That said, the glory of the game was that England could not regain the lead. They couldn't get their ball past the superb goalkeeping skills of Tim Howard even giving him a boot in the ribs didn't help the English side. The man is a national hero, America got the draw and held it.
We now have the one point and are ready for Slovania.
Ymlaen America!  ooops! that's me being Welsh again. Go America!

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